ALLERGOCOVER® is a mite encasing made from a special microfibre fabric developed by scientists and clinicians to provide a barrier from mites and their droppings and thereby minimizing exposure to mite allergens. In addition to the material used, safety seams and special zips are also in place to ensure excellent particle retention. ALLERGOCOVER® is reviewed by TÜV every year to confirm the quality and the suitability of the fabric for HDM allergy patient.(1)
Efficacy with ALLERGOCOVER® has been scientifically proven in a double-blind environment-controlled study. ALLERGOCOVER® has demonstrated a significant reduction of 46% in symptoms and use of medication.(2)
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ALLERGOCOVER® does not use any kind of coating or lamination. ALLERGOCOVER® is designed to ensures a great night’s sleep with its lightweight, thin, breathable material that is permeable to water vapour. Thanks to interwoven carbon threads the encasing anti-static. That is why 93% of mattress encasing users rated the sleep comfort with ALLERGOCOVER® as good.(3)

The characteristics of ALLERGOCOVER® are tested every year by TÜV and Oeko-Tex® and got top ratings by the Stiftung Warentest.(4) This way the quality and safety of ALLERGOCOVER® is ensured.

  • Harmful substances
  • Optical brightening agents
  • Other chemical additives
ALLERGOCOVER® encasings are used underneath your usual bed sheets. ALLERGOCOVER® can be washed at 60°C and can be spin or tumble dried. Light soiling can even be wiped off easily. The material is also air-drying easily and quickly. This allows you to use ALLERGOCOVER® the same day its being washed.

We are convinced of the quality of ALLERGOCOVER® and give a 12-year guarantee.

Allergocover Guarantee

Technical specifications

1 Material Tighlty woven microfiber fabric (100% polyester)
2 Weight 100 g per M2
3 Allergen tightness 97% of house dust including Mite allergens are retained
4 Impermeability to allergens or rate of particle elimination 50.21% of 0.3 microns
5 Water vapour permeability Very good under investigation; RWTÜV Ret: 2.26 m2 Pa / W
6 Breathability Very good
7 Air permeability 200 Pa of 3.35 (l/dm2· min)
8 Evidence of effectiveness Double-blind placebo-controlled study, additional clinical trials; TÜV tested annually (by TÜV Nord-Standard)
9 Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Yes
10 Washability At 60°C
11 Processing Specially manufactured encasing with integrated carbon fibre and safety ziplock. Long-life product even under heavy use.
12 Spin / tumble dry Yes
13 Odorless Yes
14 Guarantee 12 years


ALLERGOCOVER® is available in many standard India specific sizes. Custom designs of any size can be made available on request.

In case of allergic children, we recommend you to purchase ALLERGOCOVER® for both child & parents' bed so that the best possible protection can be guaranteed against mite allergens.

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